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Mountain Maid by Dooonster Mountain Maid by Dooonster
On a Recent trip to see my grandfather i went to visit some of the family graves and clean them up and put more flowers on them.

i remember being a young boy and running down from nans to this building and getting a apple . its sad to see it in such ruin. the main plant looks like it had burned down but the admin building was still alive and well

here is a bit of history of this building

In the years proceeding World War 1, there was a push towards the primary industries and farming, with governments encouraging growers to market produce in a more effective unified method. The establishment of associations and boards, as well as the pooling of goods was part of this push, a strategy which had already proven to have major benefits for the growers of Batlow.

Batlow growers had already achieved the benefits of unifying as a group, in areas such as transport and purchasing. As the number of Batlow orchards grew, the Batlow Co-operative Cool Stores Company was established.

20,000 shares were issued for the Batlow Co-operative Cool Stores Company at 15 shillings each. The key original shareholders were: H.V Smith, A.J Arnot, A.E Herring, Charles Smith, G.M Arnot, J.H.G Hubbard, and E.M Herring.

Furthermore a separate Co-operative, the Batlow Co-operative Packing Company was formed in 1923.

In 1927, the Cool Stores and Packing Companies amalgamated to form the Batlow Packing House and Cool Stores Rural Co-operative Limited. In 1939, the name was shortened to the Batlow Packing House Co-operative and in 1967 renamed Mountain Maid Foods Co-operative.

On November 2, 1978 the Mountain Maid Foods Co-operative was officially renamed the Batlow Fruit Co-operative Ltd.

The Batlow Fruit Co-operative is still proudly owned by the growers of Batlow. The Co-operative employees many local residents and actively supports the community.

The Batlow Apples brand represents growers, a community and premium quality apples.
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